Trish Dennison is the founder of Mindworks Inner Connections

With 31 years of education and experience she offers services and programs to address physical, mental and emotional issues that prevent us from experiencing a stress-free life with health, vitality and positive attitudes. 


                                  “A Softer, Gentler Way   IMG_1373 to Think, to Feel, to Be”   

 Stress, anxiety, feeling depressed, overwhelmed and lost can all contribute to weight, health and self esteem issues.   

You  can learn how to relax, embrace your feelings, release old habits and patterns as you build new ones and get a renewed sense of health and vitality in all areas of your life.   

     Imagine having a more peaceful, happy state of mind, a better ability to flow with daily stress, and embracing healthy habits for optimal health, energy and vitality. 

You can change and transform all of it easier than you ever imagined!!

   Once you know the simple steps to take and have a plan to follow through you will  release the stress, struggle and confusion.  

You can transform your health from the inside out and renew  your true nature which is joy and well-being.  

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                            Tap into your true potential and live the life you desire.                                                                          There is a Softer, Gentler Way!

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Words of Commentary for Trish Dennison: Since the late 1990’s, I have been seeing Trish for a myriad of emotional, health and wellness issues. I tend to see her before going to my doctor; however, I never have needed to go to my doctor because she always rectified my issues. She gets to the root cause, holistically. When I first met Trish, I was taking a large amount of supplements, thinking I needed them all. With her effective process, she showed me how my body rejected the ones it didn’t need and how it reacted positively to the ones it needed the most. Trish has walked me through hypnotherapy sessions to clear some deep rooted beliefs, guided a group of us to break through our limiting beliefs through fire walking, she has helped me sail gracefully through perimenopause with no evidence of symptoms, she showed me the power of Emotional Freedom Technique in releasing blocks, and she has worked her magic on me when I experienced countless physical and emotional concerns over the past twenty years. My original stepping stones into the world of holistic, energy and emotional healing, started with Trish. She taught me the fundamentals of spiritual growth and practices through group workshops and a number of one-on-one sessions. Trish is an incredibly remarkable woman, filled with amazing knowledge and wisdom – words can’t express how much gratitude and appreciation I hold for her. I cannot even fathom where my health and well-being would be today, without her. For decades, I have received continuous compliments from people telling me how well I look after myself. But, I can’t share all of the credit. I know I would not be where I am today, without Trish’s extraordinary guidance, support, wisdom and compassion. Thank you so much Trish, for all that you’ve done for me over these past few decades. You are not only an inspiration and a wise and enlightened healer, but you are an amazing soul to listen to. -Savanna