Do my 7 day Healthy Habits Challenge

When was the last time you asked yourself “Am I happy?” 

Are you feeling as healthy and vibrant as you could be?

Are you taking good care of yourself?

Are you already thinking “I’m too busy or too tired to make my health a priority right now.”

Maybe you are aware you could do something different but you don’t even know where to begin or even what your basic needs are?

Make it easy by getting started with a
7 Day Healthy Habits Challenge.

  • We all have habits, some are good for us, some not so good.

  • The problem with habits is that they are subconscious in nature thus we are unaware of them and act out of reflex.

  • There is good news however 🙂

  • #1 Habits are learned, practiced behaviours like learning to write, drive a car or even work a computer.  First we learn the basic, we practice consistently and in a short time it becomes a cellular memory pattern that triggers instantly.     

  • #2 With a little mindfulness you can see what you are doing, what works for you, what doesn’t and what’s missing in your self care.

    I welcome you to take my 7 Day Challenge and bring awareness to your present patterns as you begin to implement new ones.

Through participating in this challenge, you become aware of unconscious habits; implement new habits and be on your way to a healthier happier you. 

Daily focus and action steps delivered straight to your inbox each day! Each day’s practice is added to and builds on the last to create a new healthy habit pattern that serves you.

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Here’s what we’ll focus on

  • Day 1:  The importance, benefits and ultimate times to drink your water

  • Day 2:  Power and magic of your breath: Learning to belly breathe  

  • Day 3:  Stress Check: Stress effects and ways to relax  

  • Day 4:  Mindfulness practice: Paying attention to your thoughts and emotions, gratitude lists                         

  • Day 5:  What am I eating: when, where and why? Basic daily requirements. 

  • Day 6:  Self Discovery:  What don’t I want; What do I want

  • Day 7:  Fun rituals and routines to enhance your daily practice

Make it easy to get healthy this year by simply getting started!! 

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