About Trish D

My passion is to help you fully accept and embrace where you are today, how to break free of past conditioned beliefs and habits and embrace a mindful journey of self-care.  

“No one else can think for you any more than they can do your push-ups for you. It all begins with a willingness to play along and do your part. You are the creator of your own reality after all, maybe it’s time to love and care for the gift that you are!”

Searching many modalities in my own journey to health and happiness I certified in the ones that worked for me to pass it on to others. A few are listed below.

Reiki Master Teacher: Clinical Hypnotherapist: EFT Practitioner: Self Esteem Elevation Coach: Institute of Nutritional Leadership:

I became a Personal Life and Health Coach, implementing all my tools and teachings together, to create effective systems to help you recognize and release the old paradigm conditioning, habits, behaviors and attitudes that contribute to the stress and challenge of today.

I address the divine body, mind and spirit connections within us all. All healing begins from the inside out and from the top down therefore it all begins in your mind and ends in your heart! 

My promise to you is “As you practice you live into the vibration these practices bring and soon you are living a softer gentler way.”


 Whether you work with Trish in person, by phone, Skype, Face time or on line you know you are in good hands.


How we learn about and what we come to believe about ourselves and about life is the basis of my first book. “Sticks and Stones Can Break My Bones but Words can Hurt Forever” A Message from the Children in my Chair.   Following along with the book can  help you understand the mechanics and impact of early conditioning, get to know yourself better, break the chains of the past and live more peaceful, connected, joyful lives. For more information, a look inside the book and ways to order click here    amazon.com/author/trishdennison


With Trish You are good hands ‘One Stop Self Care‘


My journey to now

 I am just like you, a product of my early conditioning and life experience. I’ve worn many hats and played many roles such as; daughter, sister, friend, wife, mom, widow, now a wife again, student, employee, teacher, confidant, neighbour and more. 

My Tribe Reunion 2011

My Tribe Reunion 2011








There was a time I believed these roles were who I was and how well I played them validated my self-worth. I was taught that I had to please other people to be accepted and liked. “It was better to give  than receive.” I believed other people’s needs were more important than mine. I believed I’d never be  good enough.

   I, like you, was conditioned or influenced to believe certain things were true and there was an acceptable right way to be, to think, to feel and to do. What if it’s not true? What if they were someone else’s truth but not mine? I began to explore what my inner truth is.

 Life’s journey has taught me I am so much more than the roles I play, the things I do and what my inner voices tell me. As I moved through my own inner awareness and healing with the modalities, tools and teachings I now work with, I attained:  greater health,

release of allergies,

self acceptance,

trimmed over 100 lbs,

achieved a deep inner peace and calm and a new joyful acceptance of life.

I felt so new and transformed that I wanted to share it with others and a new level of studies, certifications and services began and continues. I am privileged to be connected to some of the best mentors and teachers in natural health and emotional wellbeing of our times and you will reap the benefits. 

You don’t have to do it alone. There is a way to get to where you want to be from where you are one step at a time. 


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